Kerry Mote

Kerry Mote has been interested in the paranormal since she was a young teen. She spent several months a year with her grandparents who lived in a house that dated back to the 1800’s and experienced a spirit presence frequently in a formal living room where historically the deceased lay in state after death. She also lived in Montana for 14 years and explored many Native American sites that were very active in spirit activity. Camping out West in a tent, weeks at a time in the summers, she saw many phenomena that were not explainable. These certainly included orbs, but also much larger craft-type phenomenon as well. Sensing spirit presence has been a life-long adventure.

Kerry has a B.S. degree in Biology, and a Master‘s degree in Counseling from Montana State University as well as School Administration from ECU. She has a Minor in Psychology and took her first Parapsychology class in 1978 at the University of Montana, where she became fascinated with the accounts of people who had both near death and abduction experiences.

Kerry lived in the country of Croatia for two years and explored many old castles in Eastern Europe with activity. Kerry is the author of Hot Ice In Roman Ruins, a fictional suspense novel set in Rome, Italy.

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