Derek Wade

Derek Wade is a football coach and teacher at Kestrel Heights School in Durham, NC. He is also the author of the Impact! series of non-fiction books on coaching youth football. He has served ten years as an active duty Electronics Technician for the United States Coast Guard and three years as a reservist. His interest in the paranormal stems from the 1980 George C. Scott movie The Changeling and the EVP recording session performed in the film. He recorded his first EVP in 1994, but despite these ties to electronic research methods he remains particularly fascinated with the idea of using animal senses in paranormal investigations. An atheist and self-described skeptic, with an ESP sensitivity of “brick-like,” Derek nevertheless believes that there is more to the world than what can be perceived by normal human senses that have atrophied over generations of disuse. This is where keen animal senses may play an important role.

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