If you are experiencing paranormal activity and would like to request an investigation, please email us at the following address:

Serious inquiries only, please!

For an investigation request, please include the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Your email address.
  • Phone number and time you can be reached.
  • Address of location.
  • Reason why you want us to investigate this location  - please include as much information as possible.
  • Physical history of the location and any noted past historical events that have occurred there.

It is recommended that when unusual activity is experienced that you begin a log or journal and record these activities.  Include the time of activity, other witnesses present at the time, etc.  This documentation can be used to help us understand what is happening and to further any investigation efforts.

All investigations will be conducted in a professional, confidential and ethical manner. During the investigation, NSPIR will conduct interviews and use several types of  equipment to determine the cause of any disturbance. NSPIR will not publish any identifying evidence collected during an investigation without the prior written consent from the property owner or custodian. Your privacy will be respected.

We are based in North Carolina, but will travel outside the state. This will, however, depend on the case and available funds within the group. We do not charge for our services, but we will gladly accept any donations to assist with travel cost and lodging if a case is approved and is out of state.


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