NSPIR has a stringent code of professional and ethical conduct and expects that all members adhere to this code at all times while conducting investigations and research. Honesty and integrity are of key importance to the organization. Any member of NSPIR found or reported to have deviated from this policy may be subject to immediate dismissal from the organization.

As a member of NSPIR, I pledge to adhere to the following tenets of professionalism and ethics during investigations and research.  I further agree that I will not act, through statement or implication, as a representative of NSPIR without the explicit permission of NSPIR officers and board members.

  • I will act in a professional manner at all times;
  • I will value, above all, the privacy and peace of mind of the clients of NSPIR;
  • I will not use tools such as Ouija boards, conduct seances, cast spells, or use other "mystical" means to conjure, summon or manifest spirits;
  • I will respect the beliefs and opinions of other NSPIR members and the public;
  • I will maintain honesty at all times;
  • I will conduct investigations as planned and/or instructed by the officers and directors of NSPIR;
  • I will be respectful of private and public properties at all times;
  • I will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when participating in ANY NSPIR investigation or while conducting research for NSPIR;

  • I will conduct myself in a responsible and appropriate manner on all NSPIR events, meetings and investigations;
  • I will not discuss any confidential information, investigation site locations, or divulge any business or personal names with anyone outside of the investigation team before or after the event if anonymity is requested;
  • I will not invite friends or family members to join any investigation unless prior approval has been granted by the officers and directors of NSPIR;
  • I will NEVER charge a fee to conduct any investigation or research, nor will I accept any gift or money for personal gain of any kind for any service performed as an investigator;

  • I will abide by and not dispute the decision of NSPIR officers and directors regarding the selection of participants for specific investigations;
  • I will NEVER undertake an investigation on my own using NSPIR’s name or corporate resources unless written permission is granted from the officers and directors of NSPIR.
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